Routing, Auto Assignment,


Driver & Rider App

Moovex helps transportation suppliers to do more with less. Our platform enables suppliers to provide ridesharing solutions, technology based route optimization while addressing each client’s specific needs.

Our smart algorithm will optimize the usage of your fleet and connect relevant orders into shared rides enabling you to provide more value with less assets.

Dynamic route optimization

With Moovex, your ride will be optimized per real demand, including routes, dynamic pick up stations, maximized vehicle capacity and vehicles/drivers auto-assignment.

Online booking and management

Our cloud based supplier platform enables you to provide clients with smartphone booking, online order management, financial monitoring and reports and analytics on your services.

Ridesharing tech in your hands

Join the sharing economy benefits, with Moovex you can offer customers ridesharing services, attracting new clientele segments while enhancing your competitive edge in an evolving industry.

Best for

  • Shuttle services, last mile, campuses
  • Ride hailing and Taxi companies
  • Executive transportation providers  
  • private transportation companies