Moovex is committed to creating a better commute by reinventing mass transit in tune with the expectations of a generation that was born in the age of handheld mobile communications and location tracking technologies. Our vision is an affordable, convenient alternative to single occupancy vehicle (SOV) commuting, such that people prefer to leave their car at home, resulting in reduced roadway congestion, lower CO2 emissions and improved quality of life for commuters.

Creating a new commuting paradigm for a better quality of life

Our know-how is based on years of commute optimization for over 180 corporate clients that transport tens of thousands of their own employees to work every day.  We are leveraging our field proven algorithms from our cloud based corporate solution to create a universally available personalized service for individual commuters.

The Moovex family is a growing team of professionals that thrives on the challenges involved in creating a better tomorrow in our area of expertise.

Our Team

Ohad Noy

Founder & CEO

Ohad is an entrepreneur at heart, led company from idea to 180 corporate clients with a small team and limited resources, BA in Industrial engineering. Now seeking to make it happen again in the US.

Dor Raveh


Dor has established and led multiple successful marketing, sales, business development and product teams, in diverse industries. He possesses a strategic view, yet a hands-on approach to business operations management.

Keinan Mendelis


An experienced R&D manager and system architect who worked on diverse projects, is process oriented yet flexible and creative.

Noam Halfon

VP Operations, Israel

Noam is an experienced project manager specializing in implementation of information systems, database applications and interfaces. He has vast experience in business process analysis and definition as well as logistics management.

Eitan Ben-Meir

VP Sales, Israel

Eitan has led sales operations, business development and strategy for companies in various sectors. He has a wide perspective, GM experience and a deep understanding of sales cycles.