School Bus ride-sharing and optimization

Moovex Municipal provides local government with innovative transportation management, optimization and dynamic ridesharing software for School buses, Paratransit and Special needs transport services and local gov. employee transportation.

How it works

Our software enables online management and optimization city funded transportation. Our software analyzes your transportation needs on daily basis, taking into account special requirements, legal obligations, city restrictions and more. Moovex then optimizes and connects similar ride orders into shared rides in optimal routes, saving costs while enhancing flexibility and services.


Save up to 30%

Sharing resources along with transparency in transit management leads to cutting down on operational costs.


End to end solution

With a click of a button Moovex enables a full view of the process, from ride order, through supplier approval, ride tracking to invoicing. Produce reports, analyze your usage and enhance your operations.


Control and Transparency

Our passenger webapp, managers webadmin, supplier portal and driver’s application, provide a suite of technological solutions for every step of the way, in a simple and intuitive manner.

Who’s it for:

  • Municipalities and counties operating transportation services
  • School bus optimization
  • Paratransit and Handicapped transportation services